What Are Antibiotics?

Taking antibiotics for colds and flu? There’s no point. Colds and flu are caused by a virus and antibiotics do not work on viruses.

Yet, some doctors prescribed them! Find out why from this shocking report.

Prescribing an antibiotic for a viral infection is not only wasteful, it can hurt the patient. More than 140,000 people, many of them young children, land in the emergency room each year with a serious reaction to an antibiotic. Nearly 9,000 of those patients have to be hospitalized.

What are antiobiotics?

Antibiotics are substances produced by bacteria and moulds for defence against other bacteria. Different strains of bacteria produce different types of such substances. Through medical research, some of these substances were found towhat are antibiotics be able to help human fight infections without harming him/her. They were consequently purified and mass-produced for commercial use.

Many of us would have heard about the penicillin story. Dr. Fleming found that a mould produced a substance that prevented the growth of a bacteria he was studying. From that chance observation, penicillin was discovered.

It proved a great boon in the closing years of World War II in preventing soldiers from dying of war wounds.

Today, a whole host of antibiotics have been developed. Some are of good use, some are just additions to the existing range. Penicillin remains one of the best antiobiotics we have in the fight against infections.

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