Remove Stains From Vinyl

Stains caused by oil and grease can sometimes be removed from hard floors by mixing up a paste of fuller’s earth with soap and water, applying the paste to the stain and leaving it there for two or three days. Although the paste is absorbent and will draw out the grease, you may have to repeat the process a couple of times, rubbing gently between each application, to get rid of the mark completely.

To remove a scuff mark from vinyl, first try rubbing it with a pencil rubber. Alternatively, wipe the scuff firmly with a dry cloth to which you’ve applied a small amount of toothpaste. If that doesn’t shift it completely, dab a tiny bit of turpentine onto a soft cloth and rub the mark gently.

remove marks from vinyl floor

To remove burns and scorch marks from vinyl, try rubbing them gently with a piece of fine abrasive paper. Fill small scratches and indentations with clear nail varnish, which you should apply in a series of thin coats, letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Scratches on wooden floors can be dealt with by first rubbing them with some fine steel wool (avoid extending the rubbed area any further than is absolutely necessary), mixing a little brown shoe polish with some floor wax and rubbing it in well, so that the repaired area blends in with the surrounding floor.

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