How To Remove Lipstick Stain

ways to remove lipstick stain

Act quickly to remove a lipstick stain; the longer it is left the more difficult it will become.

Firstly, scrape off any pieces with a blunt knife. The moisten a clean cloth with dry-cleaning and dab at the stain working toward the centre so as not to spread it. Turn the cloth to a clean area as soon as it becomes dirty.

If the stain is on loose fabric, hold a clean white cloth behind it. Where possible, launder accordingly. Leave it to dry naturally; artificial heat may damage the fibres.

Another method for fabrics (but not carpets) is to dab the stain with methylated spirit, leave for five minutes and then wash the area with warm water and rinse. However, methylated spirit may draw out dye, so check for colourfastness.

A third method for fabrics is to squirt washing-up liquid directly onto the stain, dampen the area, then rub it briskly, forming thick suds and rinse.

For handkerchiefs, it is much easier, as they can be bleached or boiled to remove the stain.

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