How to Put DIY Stuff Together

It seems so simple. The box has pieces of pre-formatted wood, screws, an Allen key to put it together, and a one-page how-to diagram. A child should be able to do it.

Even so, if you don’t plan ahead, it is a sure-fire bet that you and your loved one will be at each other’s throat ten minutes after you open the box.

Here’s how to avoid Doomsday:

Read the instructions

No matter how much you have spent, some instructions look as if they have been added as an afterthought – and may be translated by aliens from outer space a few times before getting into print.

Don’t dive in only to discover that step 5 should have been completed before step 3. Read the how-to through from start to finish before you start.

Dish the screws

You may think you can keep track of a handful of small screws but once you have one hand holding something steady, and another holding something up, you might find it tough to put that third hand on whatever bit you need to tack it all together.

start by emptying out all those fiddly screws and bolts into separate bowls. Then count before you start and make sure you have whatever you need.

putting stuff together

Lay everything out

Set everything down so that all the pieces that have to connect are sitting beside each other.

Now you won’t feel like you are playing Twister and will be less likely to put your back out while grabbing that almost-in-reach shelf.

Be a tardy tightener

Don’t find yourself in the position where you are slotting something into something else, and finding that you’ve tightened everything up so neatly that there’s no space to manoeuvre.

Tack everything together loosely so that you can make sure that everything is in its proper place before you tighten the whole lot up.

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