How To Get Rid of Mice?

Rats and mice must not be allowed to rampant and move freely in and around the house as they pose real health hazard. This rodents are not just public enemy number one to most women, but some men ‘feared’ them too.

The most common and natural way to keep rats and mice at bay is to keep a cat in the house. Nonetheless, some may find it cumbersome to have a cat as a pet as it would involve the extra effort to feed and care the cat.

Thus, let’s take a look at some other ways on how to get rid of mice that have been causing trouble in your home:

1.   Use peppermint oil. Dab or pour some peppermint oil onto several sheets of paper (or cloths).  Then, strategically  place them at various points suspected to be used as pathways by the mice. Mice don’t like the smell and will avoid theget rid of mice for good area. Spearmint leaves are also known to work best.

2.   Besides mint, camphor, wormwood and elderberry are also good alternatives as natural mice repellent. Place them at strategic places to chase away the mice.

3.   An effective way to get rid of mice, specifically so if there is no young children living in the house, is by using rat poison. This method often brings 100% success rate in getting rid of mice. The only drawback is the difficulty that may arise in locating the dead rat which will produce rotten smell that would last for days (or months) if not properly disposed.

4.  Another way is to set up a mouse-trap. The trick that would determine the rate of success of this method is in ‘handling’ the trap and the choice of ‘bait’ used. It is important to wash your hands with vinegar to eliminate any odour and don rubber gloves – as mice are known to have good sense of smell and will avoid anything that smells odd, such as humans. A blob of peanut butter or a stiff ball of porridge is said to be a better lure than the traditional cheese.

Extra Tips: In most cases, cleanliness and tidiness are the only answers that will help get rid of mice from the house for good.

Take note of the following simple, yet effective tips…

  • Leave no stray crumbs and spills, no dirty dishes in the sink and no uncovered food or bins.
  • Plaster any cracks and crevices in the walls.
  • Wrap tape around pipes they meet walls.
  • Use wire mesh screens on windows and doors, wherever possible.
  • Seal gaps under doors with felt (saves on heating too).

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