How to Choose A Mattress

According to research, eight out of 10 people do not know what they want in a mattress. Half of them do not even remember what brand they are sleeping on.

Most people rely on the furniture store’s recommendations and others buy on impulse.

Mattresses can be separated into three categories – spring mattress, latex mattress and visco-elastic foam mattress.

Choosing A Mattress Tips

Firstly , one should test out the three types of mattresses. A spring mattress gives you a bouncy feel while a latex mattress offers comfort and back support, and a visco-elastic mattress is for relieving pressure.

As a general rule, if you are young and active, look for a spring mattress. If you are concerned about back care, latex mattress is ideal for you.

If you always toss and turn throughout the night, a visco-elastic mattress could probably help improve your sleep.

A mattress that is to soft lacks support for your lumbar spine, while one that is too firm will create pressure points at your shoulder.

In between is “comfort firm”. This is the tricky part as it is subject to individual preference. You should not test more than five mattresses at any one time, as it would likely confuse you.

An experienced sales consultant should be able to assist you to find a suitable mattress before you test the sixth mattress.

choose a mattress tips

Healthcare functions

As a healthcare product, a mattress’s function is no longer confined to merely padding for sleep. You should look out for the functions below:

  • Anti-dustmite fabric to minimise bed bugs.
  • Seven-zone latex for body contour support, anti-static yarns to discharge static current from your body.
  • Nano-silver technology to kill bacteria that may breed in the mattress.
  • Natural rayon yarn and proprietary special cool fabric that provide cooling effects to improve your sleep quality.


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    Your suggestion to test out no more than 5 mattresses at once makes a lot of sense to me. I can see how it would get hard to tell them apart after you’ve felt too many. It would probably help you to talk with a mattress sales consultant about your sleeping habits or difficulties as well, as they could probably advise you.

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