How Often To Do A Medical Check-Up?

Most of us would agree that “prevention is better than cure”. However, when it comes to doing a routine medical Blood pressure measurementcheck-up, not everyone are willing to do it. More so because of the cost and time involved and many more would argue the need for a medical check-up since he or she doesn’t feel anything wrong with his/her body.

Going to the doctor can be a helpful way of determining your present health condition in order to make the necessary changes before small problems become bigger issues. Unfortunately, the sheer number of medical screenings and tests makes it difficult to remember when to have them and how often.

When To Get A Medical Check Up?

For those looking for answers, have compiled a list of medical tests and how often should you do the routine check-up:

Medical Check-Up When and How Often
Complete physical test Before age 45: once every five yearsAge 45-65: every other yearAge 65 and above: every year
Eye exam Every other year if you wear glasses, contact lenses or have eye health concerns; otherwise every other year starting at age 40
Blood pressure Overweight or have a family history of high blood pressure, consult your doctor; otherwise, at least once every other year
Cholesterol At least once every five years
Electrocardiogram Once before age 40; ask your doctor how often you should have the test done after your first test results come back
Skin check Ages 20-39: once every three yearsAges 40 and above: every year
Colon Age 50 and above: digital rectal exam and sigmoidoscopy once every five years
Fecal occult blood test Age 50 and above: once a year
Breast exam Ages 20-39: every three yearsAges 40 and above: Every year
Mammogram Age 40 and above: Every year
Pap smear and pelvic exam Every year


Remember that the regular medical checkups and tests can help detect problems before they start. By getting the right medical attention, screenings, and treatments, you are taking steps in the right direction providing a longer and healthier life. Your age, health and family history, lifestyle choices (eating habits, physical activity, smoking), and other important factors impact what form of healthcare you need, and how often you need to visit your doctor.

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