putting stuff together

How to Put DIY Stuff Together

It seems so simple. The box has pieces of pre-formatted wood, screws, an Allen key to put it together, and a one-page how-to diagram. A child should be able to do it. Even so, if you don't plan ahead, it is

ways to remove lipstick stain

How To Remove Lipstick Stain

Act quickly to remove a lipstick stain; the longer it is left the more difficult it will become. Firstly, scrape off any pieces with a blunt knife. The moisten a clean cloth with dry-cleaning and dab at the … (continue reading)

best place for smoke detector

Where To Place Smoke Detectors?

The best location for a home smoke detector is on or near a ceiling close to the sleeping area, away from corners, windows and doors. The top of a stairwell is also good. Never paint your smoke detector. … (continue reading)