get rid of mice for good

How To Get Rid of Mice?

Rats and mice must not be allowed to rampant and move freely in and around the house as they pose real health hazard. This rodents are not just public enemy number one to most women, but some men 'feared' them

ways to remove lipstick stain

How To Remove Lipstick Stain

Act quickly to remove a lipstick stain; the longer it is left the more difficult it will become. Firstly, scrape off any pieces with a blunt knife. The moisten a clean cloth with dry-cleaning and dab at the … (continue reading)

best place for smoke detector

Where To Place Smoke Detectors?

The best location for a home smoke detector is on or near a ceiling close to the sleeping area, away from corners, windows and doors. The top of a stairwell is also good. Never paint your smoke detector. … (continue reading)